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125A Engine Start - Instantly start a vehicle with a dead battery

15<>40A Boost Mode – ramps up the voltage and sends a quick burst of energy into the battery quickly bringing deeply discharged batteries back to life.

15<>40A Service Mode – maintains a stable voltage at 13.6V and prevents discharged batteries during service or sitting idle in a showroom

6A Charge – Safely and precisely charge and maintain all types of lead-acid batteries including AGM and gel

Recovery Mode – The charger uses a unique recovery algorithm to recover a sulfated 12V battery.

6V/12V Auto Detection - Automatically detects whether battery is 6V or 12V

Digital Display - Provides real-time feedback of charging status, voltage and diagnostic fault codes

6 Foot Power and Output Cables - Heavy-duty clamps and flexible cables provide up to 12 ft. reach

Push-To-Start Charging - Manually starts charger for use on batteries as low as zero volts

Battery Diagnostics - Continuously monitors battery voltage to detect potential battery defects

Alternator Tester - Checks voltage output of vehicle alternator

Built-in Safety - Multiple safety protections including Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, Overheat and more

Rugged Design - Powder-coated metal housing for durability

DSR SCHUMACHER 125A Bench Battery Charger with 40A Engine Start

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