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120XP 3 degree ratcheting swing arc for accessibility

3 Modes of Operation: Peak Torque, Angle, and Peak Angle (torque and angle) 10 - 100 Ft-lb

Torque Accuracy 2% CW, 3% CCW in 20 – 100% range

Angle Measurement Function 5 – 999 Degrees

15 Degree Flex-Head for Access

5 Torque Measurement Units: Ft-lb, In-lb, Nm, Kg-m, Kg-cm for Versatility

Pre-Set 10 Regularly Used Torque Settings

Target Torque Alert – Handle Vibration, Audible Signal, LCD Screen Shows Red, Display on Screen

Gearwrench 3/8" 120XP Flex Head Torque Wrench w/ Angle

SKU: 85195
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