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  • TWO TOPS FIT ALL SEAL SIZES: This seal removal tool features two sharp tips that can slip under any seal in order to provide the perfect angle to make seal removal jobs easy; Using this seal extractor also makes every job quick to finish 
  • NO POUNDING OR HAMMERING: In order to remove seals, you don’t need anything else except this one oil seal extractor; The two sharp tips on our heavy duty seal puller means that you do not need to use other tools to pound or hammer out the seal 
  • PROTECTS BEARINGS AND RACES: Because the grease seal puller tips are so sharp and there is no need for pounding and hammering, our camshaft seal puller easily protects both bearings and races; There is no need to worry about unnecessary damage 
  • EASILY POPS SEAL OFF EVERY TIME: The two sharp tips at the end of the shaft seal puller easily grasp onto the seal; Just insert the tip of the automotive seal puller behind the oil or grease seal; Then, just press and pull to remove the seal

OEM Seal Puller

SKU: 25014
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