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This new design uses the same conce-Point as the popular Lock-A-Socket. To Lock the socket, just turnthe socket to the right 90 degrees. To unlock it, simply turn the socket back to the left 90 degrees. The LAS TRAY is made form 16 gauge powder coated steel, for long-lasting durability. The LAS TRAY comes equiped with tow swivel handles for easy carring, and also rubber pegs on the bottom, to keep the tray from sliding and scratching painted surfaces. The LAS TRAY has two rows of 1/2 in. drive Locking post. Each row consisting of 14 post. Two rows of 3/8 in. drive Locking post, each row consisting 14 post. One row of 1/4 in. drive Locking post consisting of 20 post.

  • 76 Lock-A-Socket posts allow you to have 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drive Lock-A-Sockets
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel
  • Swiveling handles for easy transporting
  • Carry 5 sets of sockets at one time
  • Rubber feet for a non-skid grip


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