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The THOR Impact Wrench is the 2nd generation THOR designed to be the highest performing 1/2" impact wrench on the market.

  • This impact wrench maintains a short length like the original Astro THOR impact wrench but with several improvements.
  • This tool is rated 1,020 ft-lbs traditional Max Torque (compared to 1650 nut-busting), which is thanks to a larger motor and greatly increased air passageways in the handle and trigger.
  • The new linear trigger included in this design allows for more throttle adjustment and feathering compared to the previous 2-stage trigger.
  • The textured handle in this new design is slightly widened with the top hump flattened for a more comfortable grip, and roll-pin hole removed for less air leak opportunities.
  • In addition, this tool includes a power adjustment wheel and improved FWD/REV rocking lever.
  • This is for use with 3/8" or 1/4" NPT HI-FLO fittings (adapter for 1/4" included)
  • 6.8 CFM continuous use.

Astro Pneumatic ONYX 1/2" THOR G2 Impact Wrench

SKU: 1895
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