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Cal-Van Tools' 8-piece air blow gun kit includes seven quick-connect tips, providing users with multiple tools in one compact set. From cleaning workspaces to detail work, this kit does it all! Here are some additional product features: 

* Variable-pressure air gun with six position coupling 
* Includes safety tips designed to OSHA standard, to vent at a certain pressure 
* Comes in a case with an EVA insert 
* Great for detailing vehicle's interiors and exteriors 

Each kit includes: 
* Air blow gun 
* Turbo nozzle; venturi action provides 3x airflow 
* Fan tip nozzle; fans air over a wide area 
* Long and short safety nozzles; vents air for safety 
* 100mm plastic nozzle for delicate surfaces 
* 100mm steel tip nozzle for general use

Cal-Van Tools 8-Piece Air Blow Gun Kit

SKU: 40500
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