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  • The CanDo C-Pro is a fully loaded, full functionality scan tool complete with bi-directional controls, special test functions and a full suite of adaptations and service resets. 
  • Packaged in an Android tablet that is Bluetooth wireless to the car, Wi-Fi to the internet, intuitive to use and easy to update the C-Pro also includes our Remote Diagnostics function that allows our technicians to remote into the C-Pro, regardless of where it may be. European, Asian and Domestic passenger cars and light trucks are fully covered. 
  • Features: 
  • Full System Access 
  • Full Bi-directional Controls 
  • Auto IDs the Vehicle and all its Systems 
  • Resets and Adaptations include: ABS Brake Bleed, Battery Matching, CVT Reset, CKP Learning, Immobilizer, Oil Service Reset, EPB Reset, TPMS, Throttle Position and Steering Angle Reset 
  • Read/Clear Codes and Live DataStream with Graphing and much more added on a weekly basis as part of your software subscription!

Can Do CPRO Auto and Truck Scan Tool

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