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The 40 Tool Magnetic Wrench Pro is an extremely versatile wrench organizer designed to save valuable space in toolbox drawers. Wrenches are angled upright to fit the most tools in a compact space. Innovative geometry aligns wrenches for a uniform presentation. Your wrenches will never look better than when they are neatly lined up in a compact row! The modular design is very easy to set up and break apart for custom wrench sets and holds any number of tools needed in one section. Fits a wide range of sizes and wrench types. Included identification labels are included so you can easily see wrench sizes and also know which tools are missing if there is any empty spot. Rare earth magnet makes this product great for professional use and will pull through drawer liner. Made in the USA. Lifetime Guarantee.

    Ernst 40 Tool Magnetic Wrench Pro Modular Wrench Storage

    SKU: 5411M
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