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• Ultra-Flexible This mat will fold, bend, or roll any way you need it to; always returning to its original shape. Keep tools organized while working on any curved or angled ferrous surface as well.  
• Strong Embedded Magnets: Stick this to virtually any ferrous surface and tools will stick to it. Prevents tools from moving around in the tool-box drawer or on the tool cart. The grid of magnets helps you stay organized chronologically as you disassemble as well.  
• Non-Marring TPEE Material: This unique TPEE design is built to be used in all work and storage areas without worry of the holder scratching or denting surfaces. 
• Any-tool, anywhere: This mat keeps tools accessible and organized anywhere you are working.  
• Low-profile, with a large surface area: Less than ¼ inch tall, this mat will fit in tight spaces and is great for storage. Dimensions: 8.75in long x 5.5in wide x .19in thick  
• Easy to clean: Soap and water will do the trick.  
• High Visibility: Never lose a 10mm socket again. This mat comes in high visibility red so your tools are easy to find.

EZ-Red Flexible Magnetic Organizational Mat

$39.00 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
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