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Knipex 82-01-200 Twin Grip slip joint pliers with a push button for easy adjustment.
Non slip plastic dipped handles and black atramentized finish.
Unique combination of front and side gripping.
Front jaw design grips stripped screws.
Optimized side jaw with opposing teeth for maximum force.
Side gripping jaws work great on round, square, and hex materials.
The industry's first 5 adjustment push-button slip joint pliers.
Gripping capacity for diameters and widths ranging from 4 - 22mm (5/32 - 7/8").
Reliable gripping of flat workpieces due to the three-point system (3 contact points within the jaw).
Box joint design for added tool stability.
Slim head design for working in confined spaces.

Knipex Twin Grip 8" Slip Joint Pliers

SKU: 82-01-200
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