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Ko-ken Nut Grip Socket Set: a game-changer in socket technology. Crafted with precision, our 3/8” drive, 6-Point, Standard Length Chrome Hand Socket Set incorporates the innovative NUT GRIP® design. Unlike traditional sockets, our NUT GRIP® system revolutionizes the way non-magnetic nuts and bolts are handled. Engineered with two balls secured by a spring steel ring, our sockets ensure a firm grip on nuts and bolts without relying on magnets. This unique design features ball bearings and a coil spring arrangement on opposing flats. As a nut or bolt is inserted into the socket, the ball bearings exert pressure on the springs, securely holding the fastener in place.

  • 3/8 Sq Dr NUT GRIP® Socket Set 8mm-19mm - 11 piece - RS3450M/11

Ko-Ken 3/8 Sq Dr NUT GRIP® Socket Set 8mm-19mm

SKU: RS3450M-11
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