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20 piece set will repair or renew damaged threads on stub axles/spindles on most vehicles. 
Dies are made from high tempered steel for strength and durability. 
Sizes include: 11/16"-24, 3/4"-16, 3/4"-20, 13/16"-20, 27/32"-20, 7/8"-14, 1"-14
M16X1, M16X1.5, M18X1.5, M19X1.5, M20X1, M20X1.25, M20X1.5, M22X1, M22X1.5, M24X1.5, M24X2, M25X1.5 and M27X2
Blow Molded Case.

Lang 20 Piece Master Spindle Rethreading Dies

SKU: 2599
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