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Clear funnel allows a quick visual check of the coolant from across the shop.

  • Comes with a lid to keep contaminants out as well as store the caps and adapters.
  • Eliminates trapped air pockets which usually cause erratic cooling system and heater performance.
  • It controls the proper amount of coolant entering system and enables unattended filling of the cooling system.
  • The funnel eliminates squeaky belts caused by coolant overflow and protects the environment.
  • Five different colored radiator adapters and six caps to fit most cars, pickups, trucks and many farm tractors.
  • Two straight extensions and two 45° elbows for angled and hard-to-reach applications. Includes New Cap for Ford and Additional Straight Extension.
  • Available Individually: 21920 Lid for Spill Free, 22210 Funnel- Clear, 22240 Red Adapter B w/gasket, 22280 45 degree Elbow, 22300 Fluid Stopper, 22330 Large Cap A, 22340 Medium Cap B, 22410 Small Cap C, 23130 Black Adapter A w/gasket, 23140 Blue Adapter E w/gasket 23150 Green Adapter C w/gasket, 23160 Purple Adapter D w/gasket, 23180 VW/Audi/Porsche Cap (use with #23140 Blue Adapter E w/gasket), 24640 Threaded Cap D for GM, 24670 Extension 24690 Threaded Cap for Ford (use with #23160 Purple Adapter D w/gasket)

Lisle Master Spill-Free Funnel Set

SKU: 24780
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