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The MILWAUKEE M12 Paint and Detailing Color Match Light has the best LED color quality and run-time of any handheld color match light. This light features a 98+ Color Rendering Index in five color temperatures to mimic natural sunlight (100 CRI). The five color temperature options provide a full spectrum of sunlight from early morning to mid-day and overcast. This light has 1000 lumens of output with a 98+ Color Rendering Index to Illuminate metallics and imperfections in the paint. Switch between three output modes within each color temperature for optimal control. The M12 Paint and Detailing Color Match Light can run up to 14 hours on one M12 XC4.0 battery. The compact size is designed for handheld maneuverability, paired with a powerful magnet for storage. This light is corrosion resistant to most chemicals found in paint and body shops, drop rated to heights of 6ft and IP54 ingress protected against dust and water, guaranteed by a 5-Year Tool Warranty. The high quality LEDs never need to be replaced, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • 5 Color Temperatures and 3 Brightness Modes for Complete Control
  • 6 Hours of Run-time on HIGH
  • Strong Magnet for Storage
  • Ergonomic Design for Handheld Maneuverability 
  • Chemical Resistant to Corrosive Chemicals Found in Paint and Auto Body Shops
  • IP54: Dust and Water Resistance
  • Impact Resistan

M12™ Paint and Detailing Color Match Light

SKU: 2127-20
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