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The M12 Brushless Pruning Shears deliver the fastest, most controlled pruning while reducing fatigue. These pruning shears deliver the power to cut up to 1-1/4" branches while providing the ability to lock the blades into half of that capacity through the mode select board, increasing application speed by 40%. The shears reduce muscle effort by 75% compared to manual solutions allowing users to complete tough applications with ease and speed. The Active Blade Control enables the blade movement to follow the trigger movement, providing more control over the cut capacity during application. This, combined with the mode select and lightweight, inline design, offers better accessibility and control in intricate pruning applications. When paired with the M12 CP2.0 Battery, these pruning shears deliver up to 1,000 cuts per charge in 1/2" branches.

M12 Pruning Shears - Bare Tool

SKU: 2534-20
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