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Proudly made in the USA. Drill anywhere with our 1/4-Inch Power Drive adapter and say goodbye to the inconvenience and added expense of acquiring a separate drill that doesn't fit where you need it.

  • Productivity Boost: 1/4-Inch Power Drive adapter that transforms your ratchet into a powerful drill with more accuracy and precision tolerances than traditional drill chucks.
  • Includes:Machine turned manufactured 1/8” cobalt drill bit to ensure accurately sized holes with exceptional tolerances offering the opportunity to work on high strength steel, titanium, and aluminum.
  • Compact: Designed to access the tightest spaces, such as engines, under the hood, or any other hard-to-reach area.
  • Target Focused: Manufactured to eliminate frustrating drill bit slips so you can work with confidence and ease.
  • Easy To Handle: More lightweight and compact than most drill chucks.
  • Craftsmanship: Proudly Made in the USA, steel heat treated and black-oxide coated for corrosion resistance

Milton PowerDrive Drill/Driver Threaded Bit Adapter

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