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  • EV A/C Dye engineered for new EV technology and system designs. 
  • High dielectric qualities protect all EV system components, including electrically driven compressors.
  • Compatible with R-134a & R-1234yf systems.
  • Maintains system resistivity with concentrated formula.
  • Kit includes: 3 single-dose Mini-EZ dye cartridges, OPTI-PRO UV flashlight, EZ-Ject dye injector assembly, solid-brass swivel-type R-134a coupler, R-1234yf adapter, GLO-AWAY Plus, and glasses and medium blue carrying case.
  • Manufactured with specialized OEM-grade compressor oil for EV.
  • Individually sealed in foil packaging to protect against moisture.

Mini-EZ POE-Based EV AC Leak Detection Kit

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