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External Capacity is 5/32" to 1 1/2"

Internal Capacity is 5/16" to 1 1/4"

One hand tool restores inch or metric, right handed or left handed fastener threads

No need for calibration or identifying thread types

Floating cutters are self-adjusting to any pitch and size within range

Nes1025 combination universal thread repair set for both internal and external threads. By using Nes on a maintenance job, it increases efficiency and decreases time. The individual making the repair does not have to carry a wide arrangement of taps and dies, instead the Nes 1025 or other Nes sets will cover all the threads that need to be repaired. The Nes tool sets replace thousands of taps and dies. Contains external NES1A and NES2 with a working capacity of 5/32" - 1.1/2" and Internal NES21, NES22, NES23 and NES24 with a working capacity of 5/16" - 1.1/4". 


SKU: 1025
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