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  • A quick solution to your automotive circuit problems. The ECT3000 consists of 2 main components. An Intelligent transmitter and a Intelligent receiver along with a set of connection adapters that will help you :
  • Locate short circuits without unnecessarily removing plastic panels, molding, and carpet.
  • Trace wires to see where they lead
  • Find open circuits, switches or breaks in wires
  • Trace and locate the cause of a severe battery drain
  • Test and find intermittent conditions
  • Check continuity with the assistance of the Power Probe III, IV, or Hook
  • These features are extremely handy for the professional technician. An appropriate schematic or wiring diagram is always useful and many times necessary when tracing circuits. The better you understand your circuit, the better the ECT3000 can assist you.

Power Probe TEK Smart Short Circuit Finder Transmitter and Receiver Kit

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