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High Output AGM Battery | 12V / 24V Systems

  • 4400 Peak Amps, 500 Cranking Amps, 415 Cold Cranking Amps
  • (2) High Output AGM Batteries
  • Digital Display - displays internal battery percent of charge.
  • 2-Amp External, Automatic Charger - for quick recharge without worry of overcharging.
  • 12-Volt DC Power Outlet - for powering 12 volt devices and for recharging in-vehicle when in transit. Male-to-male in-vehicle charging cord not Included.
  • Unique Red On/Off Power Switch - disconnects clamps from the internal battery to help prevent accidental sparking.
  • Reverse Connection Warning - audio warning will sound if clamps are connected in reverse.
  • USB Port - for powering or recharging portable electronic devices.
  • Rust & Corrosion-Proof Case with Protective Side Caps - unique design allows easy use in vertical or horizontal positions - Side Caps help protect vehicle fenders when moving around the vehicle.
  • Smart Eco Energy - meet the highest industry standards for energy efficiency

Schumacher 12/24 Volt Pro Series 4400 Amp Jump Starter

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