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  • 6-PIECE SET - General purpose set of 13 of the most commonly used Phillips and slotted/flat head screwdrivers with 3 specialty and utility drivers
  • INCLUDED SLOTTED SIZES - Includes 1/4-inch x 1.5-inch, 1/8-inch x 3-inch, 3/16-inch x 3-inch, 3/16-inch x 4-inch, 1/4-inch x 4-inch, 1/4-inch x 6-inch, and 5/16-inch x 6-inch flat/slotted head screwdrivers
  • INCLUDED PHILLIPS SIZES - Includes PH2 x 1.5-inch, PH0 x 3-inch, PH1 x 3-inch, PH2 x 4-inch, and PH2 x 6-inch, and PH3 x 6-inch Phillips head screwdrivers
  • 3 SPECIALTY TOOLS - Set includes two offset drivers PH1 x 3/16-inch slotted and PH2 x 1/4-inch slotted and a 4-way slotted keychain screwdriver
  • MAGNETIC TIPS - Black oxide magnetic tips make it easier to install and remove fasteners from confined or recessed areas
  • DURABLE STEEL SHAFT - Each screwdriver has a shaft made from heat-treated chrome-vanadium steel for maximum strength and durability
  • FLUTED PVC HANDLE - Clear PVC handles are fluted to give a secure yet easy to clean grip
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - Chrome plated steel tool shaft is rust and corrosion resistant and the PVC handle is resistant to most chemicals and solvents
  • EASY IDENTIFICATION - Color stripes on handle with black to indicate flat head and red for Phillips head for quick and easy identification

STEELMAN 16-Piece Clear Handle Slotted and Phillips Head Screwdriver Set

SKU: 42051
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