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Keep your vehicles and machinery lubricated and operating smoothly with the STEELMAN 60826 5-Piece Professional Pistol Grip Mini Grease Gun Kit. Constructed of durable steel to withstand heavy garage and shop use, this handy and compact lubrication tool features protective powder coating and nickel plating to prevent the development of contaminating rust or other corrosion as well as knurling on the canister and textured plastisol padding on the pump trigger for ease of operation. To make it easy to get to recessed or awkwardly located grease fittings, this kit includes both a flexible 12-inch long jacketed whip hose for reaching around obstructions and a 2-piece straight grease pipe (total length of 6-inches with 3-inches of reach beyond the pump assembly) for those zerks you that need a more direct approach. A clamping 4-jaw coupler is included that holds onto zerks securely and it features a tethered PVC cap to block out contaminants between uses. Fills with either standard 3-ounce mini grease cartridges, or can be filled with 5-ounces of grease through suction filling from a bulk container. Ideal for use on standard grease zerks used in industrial manufacturing, heavy machinery, excavation equipment, passenger cars / trucks, motorcycles, RVs ATVs, and farm vehicles and is small enough to keep in a portable tool box

  • PRESSURE RATING - Rated to develop up to 3000 PSI pressure and hose rated at 4,500 PSI working and 10,000 PSI burst
  • ONE-HANDED OPERATION - Pistol grip style design allows for easy one-handed operation
  • HOSE AND PIPE - Set includes both a flexible 12-inch long jacketed whip hose and fixed 2-piece straight 6-inch pipe
  • OUTPUT RATE - Grease gun dispenses 0.5-ounces of grease in 40 full pumps of the trigger
  • 4-JAW COUPLER - Kit includes one 4-jaw zerk coupler with a tethered PVC cap to keep out debris
  • 2-WAY FILLING - Fill with 3oz drop-in grease cartridge or suction fill with 4oz of bulk grease

STEELMAN 5-Piece Professional Pistol Grip Mini Grease Gun Kit

SKU: 60826
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