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  • • PLAY ALL DAY: Our speakers are built with up-to 12hrs of platy time so they can keep up, day or night. Wherever your adventures take you, we’ll be there to provide the soundtrack. SIMPLE.
    • STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: Life is better with friends. Our Multi-Link technology lets you link 100 speakers simply and easily to create a completely personalized listening experience that no other speakers can
    • PLAY LOUD, YOUR WAY: Be unapologetically you.  This is the essence of our core philosophy: Play Loud.  We build our speakers with this mantra embedded in every feature so you can do what you were born to do...Be You.  
  • • NO WIRES, NO WORRIES: Life is best without restrictions. We build speakers with 100ft wireless range so you can move freely around your, home, workshop, campsite, party, bonfire or wherever your adventure takes you.


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