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  • The Phoenix Elite is TOPDON's newest cutting-edge OE-level diagnostic scanner.
  • Its topology feature lets technicians have a clear picture of the automobile's systems and quickly find communication issues or identify trouble codes.
  • This tool can perform active tests, online coding, initializations, memory resets, ADAS calibrations, and much more.
  • Offering unparalleled coverage and an updated VCI, the Phoenix Elite is a must-have device to work on the most modern cars.
  • Supports Online Coding & cloud-based programming
  • Wireless VCI with CanFD protocol
  • 34+ Maintenance Service Functions
  • Works on 200+ Vehicle Makes
  • Android 10.0, 4-Core Processor, 12,000 mAh / 3.8V Battery, 4G RAM, 64G ROM
  • Warranty Continues With Software Subscription

TOPDON Phoenix Elite Diagnostic Scan Tool

SKU: 52110042
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