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The V2200Plus is a jump pack that takes on and prevents the unexpected. Offering 35 jumps on a full charge, smart clamps to protect against common safety hazards, and features a 300-lumen LED light. A built-in Bluetooth module supports 12V battery tests by pairing an app through Bluetooth, provides cranking and battery test reports, and replaces a battery before it dies. The V2200Plus can even act as a charging brick with the tool. Take the V2200Plus everywhere you go to be prepared for anything.

  • Starts all 12V battery vehicles with up to 8.0L gas or 6L diesel engines in seconds 
  • 2200A peak current
  • Doubles as a wireless lead-acid battery tester through the tool’s app
  • 6 safety protection measures
  • The USB type-c port supports PD60W bidirectional quick charging
  • Multi-functional LED Light, Provides 3 illumination modes: Flashlight, SOS and Strobe
  • USB Output for recharging smartphones, tablets, and more
  • DC Output for powering 12V devices (air purifier and tire inflation, etc.)
  • 16000mAh Versatile Power Supply
  • Load, No Load, and Ripple Voltage Tests
  • Charging Tests: Voltage, SOH, SOC, Internal Resistance
  • Cranking Tests: Cranking Time and Cranking Voltage Test
  • Battery Tests: Test CCA, Rated CCA, and Battery Health Status
  • Generates Jump Start Reports
  • View jump-start time and voltage through the app

TOPDON V2200PLUS 2-IN-1 Jump Starter & Battery Tester

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