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The Wiha BiCut super cut increase your cutting capability with the power button. One cutter does it all, switch from wire to chain at the press of a button. More power cutting with less force required. The 32636 is made from Wiha exclusive C70 premium tool steel for long life. High performance 64 HRC induction hardened cutters and jaws have a 60/40 dynamic joint, up to 40% less force to complete cuts. The BiCut super cut is eight inches in length. These innovative diagonal cutters will become your go-to cutters from the day you get them.

  • Double the power at the press of a button
  • BiCut does the job of two pairs of pliers
  • Up to 50% less hand strength required for cutting
  • Classic style soft vinyl grips for comfort and leverage
  • Grips are oil and solvent resistant for long-lasting service life
  • Premium-quality tool steel for professional strength and durability
  • Induction hardened cutting edges and jaws for superior wear resistance
  • Manganese phosphate finish for corrosion and rust protection
  • Standard industrial brushed finish for surface endurance
  • Superior fit and finish for little to no break-in period

Wiha Classic Grip BiCut SuperCut 8.0 inch

SKU: 32636
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